Asteroid Smasher

Asteroid Smasher is a game that I co-developed and demoed at an Elite Programmers event. The game was originally intended for demonstration purposes only, but we had an overwhelming demand for its public release. Follow the link below to download the PC version of the game.

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League Tracker

League Tracker was originally developed as a school assignment, but has quickly turned into a personal project. The goal is for League Tracker to become a hub for all things sports. Users will be able to login and view relevant information from each of their favourite sports leagues and teams.

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ABC Nursery

I am currently the web developer for ABC Nursery, a well-established childcare centre located in Innisfil. This project is still in its early stages of development.

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At SPS I designed and created several different types of projects, including a company events application with full email, sign up, and administration controls, several secure and locked down training modules to ensure that associates could not cheat and their activity could be carefully monitored and managed, a webpage to help aid in the process of monitoring and surveying the tire assembly line, and a vehicle selection application which will be how management positions choose their Honda issued vehicles.