Who's Brady?

I am a second year Computer Science student at Lakehead-Georgian. My hard work, problem solving skills, and attention to detail has landed me a spot on the President's List with a GPA of 96.23. My ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts and technologies has allowed me to obtain a position as a game programming instructor at Elite Programmers, while also having current contracts to design and develop two web applications.

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What Has He Done?


I have designed and developed several projects, including games created using C# and Unity, .NET applications, bootstrap websites, and online training modules. Whether these projects are personal, for a client or employer, or developed in a team, you can guarantee that any project with my name on it will be polished and of the highest quality.

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Ken Koniouchine

Owner & Head Instructor, Elite Programmers

Brady is someone I can count on to add functionality to my projects, even if he hasn't done something like it before. He will learn to do it, and I know he will do it well. Whatever Brady touches comes out with polish. He's someone I use for the work that customers will actually see.

Scott McCrindle

Web Development Professor, Lakehead-Georgian

Brady Parent is an exceptionally talented programmer. The quality of Brady's work is remarkable, and I would without any hesitation, recommend Brady to any organization that is looking for high-caliber team members to help them build their IT capabilities.

Brian Piotrowski

ISD Manager, Simcoe Parts Service (Co-op work term)

Brady is able to make logical decisions based on the project, and can come up with creative solutions to problems. All projects that Brady completed were successfully launched and well-received. Brady's work is very good, and I would recommend him for future work terms.